Buttock Lift

Glutes and Calves

Aumento de Gluteos y Pantorrilla Alicante Denia


It is surgery aimed at achieving an enhancement in the calf area or gluteal buttock volume in patients who either require a purely aesthetic increase or have suffered accidents with fat atrophy or with volume defects in these areas.


Blood analysis, electrocardiogram and radiology (X-Ray) are required.

At the pre-operative visits, each patient is analysed in detail in terms of volume, projection, physical constitution and skin quality. In order to choose the implant size accurately and to establish the appropriate dimensions, the desired length, height and projection are measured.


Treatment requires a hospital admission of 24 hours.


Surgery can be performed by the implantation of silicone gel prostheses in the gluteal region or in the twin zone. They are usually inserted through small incisions in the inter-gluteal area or in the posterior region of the knee and the sub-fascial plane is sought to accommodate the implant.

Another possibility is the use of one’s own fat to fill these areas and achieve a natural increase in volume and projection. It requires the previous extraction of fat by means of liposuction in those sections that are good donor areas and following a preparation with centrifugation and washing, it is introduced into several planes at a muscular and subcutaneous level in the zone to be treated.

Duration: approximately an hour.

General anaesthesia is usually used.


A compressive bandage will be applied for 3-4 days that will be replaced by presotherapy tights that keep the prosthesis firm and avoid seromas and bruises. It usually takes about 30 days. During the first week sport and sleep on ones back should be avoided.

The intradermal stitches are removed in 12 days and then the patient is instructed to gradually begin normal activity.

Frequent questions about Enhancement of Glutes and Calves (Buttock lift)


According to the preparation technique employed, fat reabsorption after a year may be around 30 or 40%, but the remaining fat has been grafted and behaves like living tissue, which is hypertrophied with increases in body weight and decreases with Loss of weight.


Managing large volumes of fat can carry a risk, albeit low, of fat embolism with harmful consequences (for example volumes above 2-3 litres of fat filling and after massive liposuction).

On the other hand, the implants can suffer displacements, encapsulations or infections that require them to be removed before they lead to worse consequences.

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