Chemical Facial Peels

Why does our skin age and worsen its appearance? With our skin exposed continuously to external aggressions, especially in the summer and winter seasons, the quality of the skin and its appearance is significantly compromised, appearing, after these periods, dull and lacking in nutrients.

This is particularly evident in areas that are continually exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, neckline, back of the forearms and hands. Previous lesions such as melasmas, acne scars, sun lentigines, etc. can also be included.

The image of aged skin is usually demonstrated by changes in coloration, localized or generalized, sensations of dryness, generalized saline coloration and appearance of fine wrinkles dispersed. For the treatment of all these diverse lesions there is a very wide range of aesthetic techniques that offer optimal results for their solution. Also among all these techniques, chemical peels are a basic pillar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chemical Facial Peels

What are chemical facial peels and how have they evolved?

Chemical peels, used for several decades for this type of treatment, are just a series of combinations of acids and some other compound with proven effectiveness for some specific types of injuries.  Applied to the skin, it produces a more or less profound controlled burn that eliminates the skin lesion in a radical way (in a single session) or successive sessions.

Over the decades, the effectiveness of facial chemical peels has been improving, as has the time during which patients have to interrupt their daily lives due to the effects of these peels. Today, except for the most aggressive peels (for major epidermal lesions), patients can continue their normal daily lives on the same day.

Are peels safe?

The margin of safety of the peels has been extended for the peace of mind of the patient as well as the medical professional.

In prior chemical facial peels, it became necessary to neutralize it with specific chemical substances at a certain time after its application, and with very little margin of error. However, almost 100% of those used today are neutralized directly with the application of abundant water.

What is the range of chemical facial peels available today?

As already mentioned, the spectrum is very broad, and covers many different types of combinations of acids, capable of addressing each of the problems present in the skin.

From the most non-specific, which have the function of complete epidermal regeneration which result in an increase in epidermal luminosity, to the more specific, designed for very specific problems such as melasmas, acne scar marks, rosacea, etc.

Is it necessary to prepare the patient before applying the peeling?

To begin with, no prior preparation by the patient is necessary. It is a treatment done in the consultation and the duration of the application is usually about 15 to 20 minutes, at most.

Is it painful?

In no case is the application of a medium or low power peeling painful or uncomfortable to the patient. A mild or moderate itching sensation is usually noticed, which usually lasts the first few minutes and disappears before the patient leaves the clinic.

Is any special post-treatment care necessary?

Once the patient has removed the peeling with water, after the hours agreed in each case, the only necessary care is to avoid makeup and creams in the first 24 to 48 hours post peeling. After, the patient can continue with their usual care, their normal moisturizers and the application of makeup.

Is post-peeling shedding very apparent and when does it usually start to occur?

The shedding that the current peelings produce is very subtle and usually begins after the 4th or 5th day post-treatment. Once the flaking is widespread in the treated areas, it is advisable to apply some soft exfoliating cream to accelerate the shedding process. From this moment on, the skin begins to show the improvement that was sought before the treatment.

How long do peeling effects last?

The duration varies, and depends as much on the type of lesion being treated, as the patient’s skin type and the duration of photo exposure to which the patient routinely exposes their skin. With all this, chemical facial peels in Alicante are treatments that do not pose a high cost and are perfectly acceptable for the vast majority of patients, allowing them to be repeated several times a year, at the patients request and based on medical advice.

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