This is a technique based on medical sonication that causes a rupture in the membrane of the fat cell or adipocyte so that it releases the inner fatty liquid.

This effect is achieved by the application of powerful ultrasounds that generate transient cavitation. Bubbles that implode in the vicinity of fat cells, releasing copious amounts of energy that break the membrane.

It is not a question of any surgical intervention nevertheless; its possibilities are very similar to the liposuction of a localized area.

  • Number of sessions recommended: 6-8
  • Time per session: 20-40 min. (depending on the area to be treated)
  • Interval between sessions: 7 days.

The results of our ultra-cavitation treatment in Alicante are gradually visible as the organism reabsorbs the unstructured fat and eliminates it through the endogenous route.

It is necessary to leave a period of about 2 months from the end of the treatment to be able to observe improvements in:

  • Reduction of volume
  • Body remodelling
  • Elimination of localized facial and body adiposities
  • Liposuction results
  • The appearance of adipose and fibrous cellulite.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a form of massage that acts directly on the lymphatic system through a set of soft and draining manoeuvres. It is not a muscular but a lymphatic massage and it is very pleasant and relaxing. The patient at the end of the session usually needs to go to the bathroom to urinate, which confirms the positive effect of the drainage.

Its beneficial effects on the skin are very positive as it activates circulation and helps eliminate toxins and fluid retention.

It is applied practically after any cosmetic surgery such as face lifts, abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast implants, reduction-breast lifts, etc. It is also used in cellulite treatments, flaccidity and tired legs, amongst others.

Intense pulsed light or IPL is a type of broadband light that acts primarily to eliminate the traces that the years of stress, and especially the sun leave on the skin, providing a global and uniform rejuvenation of the face, neck, neckline and even hands.

It is a non-aggressive treatment that is indicated in the treatment of pigmented spots, venites, cuperosis. At the same time, it stimulates the formation of collagen, improving the quality of the skin, eliminating fine wrinkles and giving luminosity.


The session is performed on clean skin and without makeup. A cold conductive gel is used and sometimes a topical anaesthetic cream that is placed one hour before.

The hand piece directs shots that emit light in pulses in the zone to be treated. The eyes of both the patient and the doctor are protected with special glasses.

At the end of the session the conductive gel is removed and a soothing cream is applied. The patient can then resume their normal life.


From the first session, one can experience a sensation of improvement in the skin, as it is more luminous, clean and with brighter spots. Progressively, the results become more intense as 3-5 separate sessions are held each with an interval of a month.

Frequent questions

Can you sunbathe?

Sun protection is recommended during the treatment period.

What other treatments can be combined?

A rejuvenation treatment that can be combined with other techniques such as infiltration of fillers, tratamiento neuromodulador, Rich Plasma in Platelet Growth Factors, peelings, radiofrequency, mesoplasty with vitamins and hyaluronic acid and can even be recommended as a complement to surgical techniques such as lifting or eyelid surgery.

Radiofrequency is a technique to give extra firmness to the skin. It consists of introducing heat at the cutaneous level with the use of radiofrequency waves.

This heat will stimulate the formation of collagen fibres and activate the existing ones, so that increasing their number can give the skin a greater degree of tension and firmness.

It is signposted for those who require treatment and correction of flaccid skin, body remodelling, cellulite, post-liposuction, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, dermal therapy, wrinkle treatment.

What are radiofrequency sessions in Alicante like?

Prior to radiofrequency treatment in Alicante, our protocol carries out an ultrasound study of the skin and the dermis to assess the degree of collagen and elastin fibres that the patient naturally has on the skin.

If the number of fibres is suitable in the area to be treated, the response to radiofrequency will be positive and satisfactory results will be obtained, but if the ultrasound reveals that there are insufficient fibres to be stimulated in the skin, this technique will not work.

The radiofrequency machine in Alicante has a head that incorporates a roll-on and a cold terminal of in the tip. To perform the treatment, hydrating oil is used as a vehicle to move the terminal over the skin. By moving the roll-on over the skin, the machine transmits heat to the area, and the operator carefully observes and measures the temperature with a laser thermometer to raise it to 41 ° C and keep it at this temperature for 3-4 minutes.

All the areas to be treated are heated in a similar way and usually requires between 40-50 minutes for a treatment.

At the end of the session, the patient will notice a slight redness and heat in the area which will rapidly decrease. A flash effect will be noted with tension in the treated area of the skin. This flash effect will give rise to a longer lasting tension which will stimulate the collagen fibres to be maintained over time.

The treatment will achieve an improvement in tension and firmness of the skin that will progressively become more natural, depending on the natural aging process of each patient.

It is advisable to stimulate the skin for 3-4 sessions with intervals of about 30 days between them so that the production of natural collagen can take effect.

Where can radiofrequency be applied?

The application of radiofrequency in Alicante can be facial or body.

  • At the facial level, the contraction of the facial oval, raising of the eyebrows which has the effect of rejuvenating the look, softening the nasogenian furrow, bringing freshness and luminosity to the skin, reducing the chin and redefining the cheekbones.
  • At the corporal level remodelling the contours and softening cellulite, promoting a harmonization of the silhouette and a loss of discreet fat volume, causing the skin of the abdomen to look smoother, noting less swelling and retention of liquids by its drainage effect. It improves “orange peel” effect in the skin reducing the typical dimples.

On the inner side of the arms, the firming reinforces the skin and improves the “purse effect”, just as it does on the inner side of the thighs.

At the level of the cartridges it firms up the gluteal line and improves the “banana” effect.

LPG Alicante is one of the most demanded treatments in spring, as a pre-stage preparation in beauty approaching the summer.

Try to combat one of the most frequent problems: loss of tonicity and the appearance of cellulite. What is more, throughout the year, due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, with fats, products of high salt content … excessive fluid retention and fat gain, leads to the development of cellulite.

The secrets of LPG Alicante treatment

This technique uses the suction-roller system, based on a subdermal massage with the aim of draining, remodelling, redefining and giving more firmness to the skin.

It is a completely non-invasive technique, which, in addition to reducing the effects of cellulite, has the typical advantage of a mechanized therapeutic massage, which allows for toning of the skin, remodelling the silhouette and relaxing the whole area.

With high temperatures, the return of blood is difficult hence the reason for the appearance of swellings or discomfort at the height of the ankles and legs, etc.

The LPG Alicante treatment allows the activation of the venous and lymphatic circulation, improving the quality of the skin. With a duration of just 30 minutes on average per session, the benefits are considerable.

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