Collagen Stimulation

Collagen stimulators are not new products, they have been with us for decades. They are chemical compounds such as polylactic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite, which when subcutaneously injected, are able to induce the production of one’s own collagen to replace the lost.

Why is collagen important for the skin?

Collagen along with other substances such as elastin is responsible for giving the skin elasticity, tension, firmness and smoothness, that is, youthful.

However, as we age we lose these substances in the skin and it becomes thinner, fragile, wrinkled and saggy. It is also very important at the level of joints and other systems such as the vascular system.

How do these collagen products work for the skin?

They are not simple fillers. They are products that once injected at the level of the deep or medium dermis, have a fleeting filling effect, i.e. their volume disappears by reabsorption in a short period of time, but the molecules of the active agents remain provoking a continuous stimulus in the skin so as to manufacture one’s own collagen.

Its effect, therefore, is more gradual and natural; the patients have the sensation that their face is enhanced day by day, the agents correct the nasolabial folds, they elevate the mouth commissures, they fill the cheeks and the cheekbones and the skin acquires the smoothness and plumpness it had lost.

Two or three sessions (typically over 4-6 months) are usually necessary to complete a treatment and achieve optimal results, the results of which can be maintained for up to 2-3 years.

What is the true innovation in these products?

The most novel innovation in Spain has been the authorization of the use of the Ellansé product, constituted of reabsorbable microspheres of polycaprolactone; A product that, due to its easy handling, stability, results and duration, seems to be positioned as the first line treatment in facial rejuvenation and for the back of the hands.

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