Breast Lift

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Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Mastopexy is a surgical technique that attempts to reposition the breast to its natural position.

It is usually indicated in women whose breast have suffered sagging and emptying as a consequence of hormonal changes, weight loss, pregnancy and lactation.

The use of breast prostheses may also be associated with when the volume of the breast is too small and the breast is very empty.


Blood analysis, electrocardiogram and an X-ray are required.

At the preoperative visits, each patient is analysed in detail in terms of volume, projection, physical constitution and skin quality. In order to choose the implant size accurately and to establish the appropriate dimensions, the desired length, height and projection are measured. Volume tests can also be performed with the patient, filling the bra to the size you wish to obtain.


The treatment requires a hospital admission of 24 hours.

General anaesthesia is usually used.


The surgery consists of performing a correction at the level of the lower pole of the breast, opening the gland in two halves (pillars) and stitching these together to push the rest of the breast up.

The excess skin tissue is removed from that area and the nipple-areola complex is moved to a new, higher position.

If it is decided to use a breast implant, it is usually introduced at the subpectoral level into a pocket selected for the implant itself.


A compressive bandage is worn for 3-4 days to be replaced by a  sports bra. This bra keeps the prosthesis firm and prevents seromas and bruises. It usually takes about 30 days. During the first week, strenuous effort with the arms should be avoided.

The intradermal stitches are removed at 12 days and then the patient is instructed to gradually resume normal activity.

One week after the operation, manual lymphatic drainage is recommended and when stitches are removed, the use of rosehip oil on the scar and sun crème protection is recommended for 6-8 months after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Will I have to replace the prostheses? When?

There is no data that suggests that they should be replaced from time to time. The prostheses that are currently being used are of a very high quality and much more resistant than the models available years ago. Doctors usually recommend monitoring the evolution of the prostheses every 5 years by mammography, ultrasound or magnetic resonance, and in cases of rupture (a very small percentage), the replacement of the prosthesis is recommended.

Can the breasts sag again after the surgery?

Obviously all skin tissue can loosen and over time or with changes in weight may fall again. The goal is not only to correct the skin but to provide a good internal glandular band that can keep the result stable for as long as possible

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