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Mastopexy, also known as breast lift, is a surgical procedure to lift and firm sagging breasts. In some cases, it can be done in association with breast implants in order to achieve additional volume enhancement.

Rejuvenating Your Appearance: The Power of Mastopexy and Implants

This procedure is especially popular in women who have experienced changes on their breasts due to pregnancies, breast feeding, weight loss, or the natural aging process.

Achieving Natural Results: The Synergy of Mastopexy and Retro Pectoral Implants

When breast implants are performed in conjunction with mastopexy, it is possible to use retro pectoral prostheses, that is, placing the implants under the pectoralis major muscle to achieve a more natural appearance and to avoid the implants being too visible or palpable under the breast tissue.

One of the key goals of mastopexy and the use of breast implants is to achieve results that look natural and proportionate to the patient’s body. Advances in surgical techniques and the different types of implants available makes it possible, obtaining better aesthetic and more lasting results.

The recovery will take time to heal the wounds properly after surgery. During the first weeks, the patient should avoid strenuous physical activities and follow the plastic surgeon’s instructions to care after wounds and promoting healing.

Women who have gone through pregnancies could experience significant changes in their breasts, such as loss of firmness and volume. Mastopexy with breast implants are able to help restore the shape and position of the breasts, improving patients self-esteem and feel an improvement in the overall appearance of the chest.

However, it is important to have realistic expectations regarding the results. Surgery can significantly improve the appearance of the breast, but it will not stop the natural aging process or the effects of additional changes in the body, such as subsequent pregnancies or gaining weight.

In general, mastopexy with breast implants can offer an effective solution to rejuvenate the chest and recover the silhouette after pregnancy or for other reasons.

Similar than other surgical procedures, it is essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a suitable candidate to fully understand the process, recovery, and expected results.

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Los implantes de mama no son para toda la vida. Aquí te explicamos por qué hay que revisarlos periódicamente y eventualmente cambiarlos.

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